“In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Dwight Eisenhower

I planned to take Elijah to the EOE specialist today. His appointment was scheduled nearly two weeks ago and since then, I’ve watched and listened as he moaned in pain. Daily reminding him we were one day closer to Thursday.

Until I got the phone call on Monday morning.

“Mrs. Daruk, I’m sorry to tell you this, but the doctor just called and he has a family emergency. He is cancelling all of his appointments for the week.”

No! No!, I can’t tell him. I can’t. Not another disappointment.

My heart sank like led and I couldn’t speak.

“We have him rescheduled for Monday at 12:45pm. We are very sorry.”

Mustering the courage to respond, I told her we would see her then.

Doctors have emergencies too, but my goodness did it have to be now? I had to deal with my own disappointment before I could properly address my sons.

Laying my hand on his shoulder, I relayed the information. He had a hat on at the time. He grabs the hat and covers his face.

With a loud exhale he snapped, “I don’t even care anymore!”

Fighting tears with every fiber of my being I prayed with him then rushed off to my closet. I called my husband and sobbed.

Prayers & Distractions

At this point, all I can do for him is pray and distract. That’s it. There are no more doctors to take him to. No medicine to give him except the balm of the gospel. It works. It heals our minds and hearts as we wait.

Though our plans proved useless, as Eisenhower said, I refuse to stop planning. The day of battle is upon us all somehow and our preparation is never in vain.

I pray this prayer for those of you in battle today. I pray it for Elijah.

The Servant in Battle

(A Puritan Prayer)

I bless thee that the issue of the battle between thyself and Satan has never been uncertain, and will end in victory.

Calvary broke the dragon’s head, and I contend with a vanquished foe, who with all his subtlety and strength has already been overcome.

When I feel the serpent at my heel, may I remember him whose heel was bruised, but who, when bruised, broke the devil’s head.

My soul with inward joy extols the mighty conqueror.

Heal me of any wounds received in the great conflict;

if I have gathered defilement,

if my faith has suffered damage,

if my hope is less than bright,

if my love is not fervent,

if some creature-comfort occupies my heart,

if my soul sinks under pressure of the fight.

O thou whose every promise is balm, every touch life, draw near to thy weary warrior, refresh me, that I may rise again to wage the strife, and never tire until my enemy is trodden down.

Give me such fellowship with the that I may defy Satan, unbelief, the flesh, the world, with delight that comes not from a creature, and which a creature cannot mar.

Give me a draught of the eternal fountain that lieth in thy immutable, everlasting love and decree.

Then shall my hand never weaken,

my feet never stumble,

my sword never rest,

my shield never rust,

my helmet never shatter,

my breastplate never fall,

as my strength rests in the power of thy might.





8 Replies to “IN BATTLE”

  1. Your wisdom as a mother inspires and your prayer leaves me breathless. Praying for Elijah and those who will be caring for him physically. Blessings…

    1. Hi Cathy, if you only knew how desperately I cling to the One with the wisdom. My family and I have been down this road and the first time I didn’t cling. This time, I refuse to let go. Isn’t the prayer beautiful? It’s taken from a book of Puritan prayers entitled The Valley of Vision. I keep them near my Bible and read them continually. Thank you for continuing in prayer for my little love.

  2. Callie, I feel only a corner of your family’s disappointment, but it puts a lump in my throat as I pray with you. Thankful that you are standing in the hope of the One we serve, I’m praying that in this God will also reveal Himself and comfort Elijah.

    1. Hi Carlene, thank you for praying for us. Disappointment is disappointment and I know we’ve all felt it. I’m so thankful we have a caring Father to run too when they come. Bless you sweet friend!

  3. Dearest one, Praying for Elijah to be pain free and experience God’s real presence all weekend. Praying for the doctor appointment on Monday. Praying for you and Frank and the other boys too. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

    1. Mrs. Lucinda, how I thank you for your love and prayers. I will stay near to Christ trusting Him for his presence, as you prayed, for our whole family! Love to you precious one.

  4. Our prayers continue as your path is not always marked to travel as you plan. I have to constantly remind myself that His was are not my ways and even though I may not understand the why or how in the matter I do understand that He is in control and I will be where He wants me to be at the right time. We love you and your family and will stand with you in prayer til the battle subsides.

  5. Thank you for including the powerful Puritan prayer, Callie. Planning and petitioning, a good pairing! (((HUGS))) and lifting you all to our heavenly Father. Your sweet submission to our Abba a wonder to behold. <3