It feels so good to type that word. If only being consistent was as easy as typing it.

I say it aloud and feel my heart being pulled. Pulled because while I understand the importance of this simple yet complex word, I struggle to maintain it. I always have.

My older brother, Flip, would tell you my disdain for consistency goes way back. From making mud pies on the farm to playing baseball games in the yard, I inevitably uttered the words he dreaded to hear:

“I quit!”

I got bored, or angry, or both and wanted to move on. Usually before the pies were made or the game had reached six innings. (well, probably more like two but who’s counting?)

Lets not even discuss how many times my brother and I would be in the middle of a long game of Monopoly and I would just walk off.

“I quit!”

As a freshman in high school I took as many honor classes as I could. My goal? Beta Club. When my grades were tallied and I came up just one tenth of a point below the minimum, (and after an unsuccessful heartfelt plea to my teacher) I uttered the same words:

“I quit!”

I didn’t quit school of course, but I never approach academics the same way again. The problem, no matter how much I wanted to blame it on the schools stupid rules, was me.


A great deal rides on this one word. Here, my epic battles are either won or lost. My relationship with God deepens or suffers. My marriage grows stronger or weakens. My children feel accepted and loved or sad and lonely. My books are written or collecting dust. My pant size is shrinking or expanding.

Fear of hard work isn’t what holds me back. I’ve never shunned from that. Sometimes I chalk it up to the creative, big picture, shoot for the moon state of mind I seem to stay in.

What really holds me back though is fear of failure and pain.

“My mud pie doesn’t look as good as yours so I’ll just stop before I get to the point of failure.” (It’s a mud pie for crying out loud, but in my mind I was afraid of losing.)

“You’re smaller, stronger, and faster than me and you’re going to win the baseball game anyway…so let’s just stop now.”

“My writing doesn’t measure up so I’m just not going to write today.”

And on and on.

God’s word instructs us to run our race with perseverance. The King James version uses the word patience (greek: hupomone):

  • endurance: permanence, duration, the ability to withstand hardship, adversity, or stress, suffering, trial
  • constancy: steadfastness of mind under duress, fortitude, freedom from change
  • constant: faithful, continually recurring, regular

As a kid, while it wasn’t a very kind thing to do and my brother certainly didn’t like it, quitting was an option.

As a disciple of Christ, quitting is not an option.

Before I broke my neck and had a cervical fusion a year and a half ago, I ran in a few races. I hated every minute of it and couldn’t wait to cross the finish line. But every time I did, I was so thankful I didn’t give up. The feeling of crossing that line was almost unmatched.

I try but can’t think of a word that would do justice to describing what we will feel when we cross the finish line of our faith. How glad we will be that we didn’t give up?

Is your relationship with God as intimate as you desire?

Are you as close to your spouse, your children, or your loved ones as you want to be?

Are you working toward your fitness goals or are you struggling?

I ask you these questions only because I first asked myself.

As we run beloved, remember that we aren’t running alone. Fellow runners are near. The Holy Spirit run too and He will whisper along the course when we most feel like giving up to keep picking up our legs. One at a time.

That’s how we make progress.


I’d like to hear from you!

  • Do you also struggle with consistency? In what ways?
  • What motivates you to keep going?
As a disciple of Christ, quitting is not an option. Click To Tweet As we run beloved, remember that we aren't running alone. Fellow runners are near. The Holy Spirit run too and He will whisper along the course when we most feel like giving up to keep picking up our legs. One at a time. Click To Tweet


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8 Replies to “DO I HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN?”

  1. In picture language, hupomone is a flower caught in the cranny of a wall, receiving little nourishment. It survives, perseveres, endures. I have taken several photos of this example of hupomone for reminders of being consistent, relying on little, surviving with victory.

  2. Consistency is akin to the word self-discipline. You really can’t have one without the other and I struggle with both. I am constantly questioning myself, “Why can’t I be more consistent! Why aren’t I more self-discipline?” I guess I find the answer once again in the being who created us from the dust of the earth. I am nothing without Him. Thanks for your thoughts, Callie. Hope you and your family are doing well. – Amy

    1. Hi Amy, you are absolutely right. I ask myself the same questions constantly. May God give us His great grace to be steadfast, disciplined, and consistent. Thank you for sharing your heart! ❤️

  3. This was cold water from a far country, sweet Callie! I needed this so bad. Thank you being consistent. I had just shut my computer with an “I quit” attitude. Thank you for reminding me. And every one of your stories hit me right there! Such a great post, friend. Love you!

    1. I am so thankful for the cool water He gives us when we thirst. What a joy that He lets us hold the pen and the keyboard as the ladle. Praise God and thank you for always encouraging me to keep dipping! Love you!

  4. I’ve felt the painful results of quitting so many times! Thank you for this reminder that we do not run our race alone or in our own strength.

    Loved discovering your blog!

    1. Thank you Susan, that keeps me going everyday. The Lords gentle yet persistent nudge is just what I need! I loved meeting you and look forward to a beautiful friendship!