For the 22nd year, Lord willing, a tender kiss on my husbands lips will usher in a new year.  The clock will strike midnight and though the shiny ball will plummet, hope will soar.

Hope that somehow things will be different this year.

I’m going to eat less and exercise more. I’m going to write that book. I’m going to spend more time with God. 

I choke down my sixth cookie as Auld Lang Syne fades in the distance. After all, I won’t be having sweets for a long time. With a forceful blow to the buzzing box by my head the next morning, I realize I’m sick to my stomach from all the sugar.

I don’t feel like working out.

Since I skipped the gym this morning, I eat last night’s left over pizza for lunch. No need to waste money.

I’ll start tomorrow.

But tomorrow never comes and as always, it seems I fail before I even get started. I have a feeling a similar scenario plays out in many other hearts.

Why do I always do this?

So often, good intentions is where I leave things.

I need change in some areas of my life. Do you? If so, please join me each Wednesday this January.

We’ll explore:


  • Are they mentioned in scripture?


  • What is their importance?


  • What should they be?


The true condition of a house is not always discovered by it’s exterior. Below the decor and through the dirty, bug infested crawl space its foundation is revealed. It may be beautiful on the outside, but if built on a faulty foundation, it will not last.

Taking time to build is crucial. In the case of goal setting, I believe prayer is the foundation. I can set lots of goals and perhaps even accomplish them but to what end? As I mentioned in a recent post, together, lets take time between now and next week to ask Lord, what do you need me to do?

What does He have for you to accomplish in 2018? Where we lack order and consistency, God doesn’t. I am confident that as we ask not only for the goals but for the grace and endurance to accomplish them, He will answer us and make our paths plain.

I look forward to searching through God’s word with you. Let’s find out what it takes to make lasting change.

Good intentions are not goals. They are just dreams and if left alone, they'll murder every chance of seeing real change. Click To Tweet



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