Two record breaking hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, occurred within a two-week period and both brought death and destruction. With heavy hearts and awe, we witnessed the mind-blowing power of water. Heroic government officials, first responders, and brave reporters willingly saw it firsthand for our benefit. Thousands of residents had a front row seat as they remained in their homes for various reasons.

Millions are now rebuilding lives, homes, and properties destroyed.

Water has the power to lay waste to everything in its path. Right?

Take a look at this 32 second video. Listen to the force of the water as you watch and think of this question:

Is there anything that water cannot destroy?

The obvious answer would be, no.

But there is one thing that water cannot extinguish. One thing the floods cannot drown.


God says love cannot be quenched or drowned.

Follow me on the it’s meaning trail:

Quench, mentioned here, means kabah in Hebrew and means:

  • to expire
  • to extinguish

As defined in the dictionary means:

  • destroy

Drown, means, shataph, in Hebrew meaning:

  • to inundate

Dictionary meaning:

  • to suffocate by submersion esp. in water
  • overcome
  • overpower

If water is as powerful as what we’ve witnessed in the recent hurricanes and as mighty as the video shown above, how powerful then must love be?

The love, ahabah (derived from ahab and aheb) used here, means affection and is used in the following examples:

  • between man and wife
  • between friends
  • between parents and their children
  • between families
  • between all men

Notice no one is excluded here.

Affection means:

  • tender attachment
  • love
  • partiality

Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:8)

The power of many waters cannot overcome love. Floods cannot overpower it.

With so much division in our country, God’s word reminds us there is something that nothing can destroy.


The best of humanity is so often brought out during the worst of times. In the rising waters, love is conquering. Neighbor is helping neighbor without regard for the color of their skin, their religion, or their political party.

Love sees past that.

While the force of many waters is fresh in our minds and compassion is bursting in our hearts, let us never forget the God given power that lies in every single one of us:


Mighty God,

Please help us to be tender and show your love and partiality to every single person we see.

With so much division in our country, God's word reminds us there is something that nothing can… Click To Tweet The best of humanity is brought out in the worst of times.In the rising waters love is… Click To Tweet If water is as powerful as what we've witnessed in the recent hurricanes and as mighty as the video… Click To Tweet


Posted on: September 12,

4 thoughts on “MANY WATERS

  1. Oh Callie! This is so powerful! And so true. What if, rather than being a curse, the waters served to wash our hurting nation of the hate that burned so hot just weeks ago! Praise Jesus. Thank you. Beautifully written.

  2. Rebekah, I’m so glad this resounded with you too. Just the thought of love being that powerful convicts my heart over the need to show it, to show affection, far more than I do. God help us all. Thank you for your encouragement as always my friend!

  3. I was reminded of the power of prayer through Hurricane Irma. As the story unfolded, God simply placed his hand over the storm and allowed it to calm. It didn’t do the destruction that many were expecting. I don’t think they were wrong to expect it. I think the storm was powerful enough to completely destroy Florida. It did not. And I believe it’s because God heard our prayers and calmed the storm. His love for us is amazing.

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