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2020 narrative

A new year often comes with new pressure.

The pressure to get right all we failed miserably at last year. The pressure to set goals when we don't want too. The pressure to keep it all together when we're just thankful we made it through another year alive.

I reflect upon 2019 with gratitude that God allowed me to experience all 365 days of it. There were days of elation and days of knee-buckling pain but all were full of memorable narratives.

Stories of grace - grace extended to an undeserving heart.

In 2019, God brought to life dreams I've had since I was a little girl and I am thankful. As the sun rises over Coldstream, I am hopeful not only for the new year that lies ahead but for this moment right now and the day that lies in front of me.

What was your 2019 narrative? What will your 2020 narrative be?

I love the feel of a fine-point pen as it glides along an unmarked journal. What potential it holds! I control the ink and make my markings as God gently guides the pen.

My friend, what potential 2020 holds. Do you see it?

Like the pages in a new journal, the days are available to be used well - to soak in all the wisdom we failed to find last year. The beauty of God's wisdom is that it's endless. If we found much last year, there is still more to be seized.

So much more.

God may not allow me another 365 in 2020 so I'll try today to seize today.

I'll try today to give today.

I'll try today to redeem today.

Above all, I'll try today to love today with a love I have been blessed to know - a true love unlike any other - the love of Christ.

I hope you know it too, friends.

Thank you all for every upraised thumb, every heart and adorable emoji you shared with me in 2019. Most of all, thank you for the kind comments that penetrated through the stress, the pain, the joy, and the smiles. Your support and encouragement helped make 2019 special.

I pray the 2020 narrative of your life that's being written even today is one you can be proud of and excited about even if it's hard. I pray it will be one you reflect upon this time next year and say, "Thank you, God."

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