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A deep sadness pervades my heart and competes with its guilt as the life that once glistened through the eyes of a precious little boy has dimmed. Lurking inside Alec Birkey’s growing body, proof of the fallen world we live in settled. And, without warning, a deadly brain mass announced its presence.

“Mr. and Mrs. Birkey, there’s nothing more we can do,” the doctors told his parents.

The weight of these words sink like an anchor without a place to land. I felt this weight when the same words were spoken to my husband and I several years ago from the very same hospital.

As Josh and Charity bravely faced unimaginable pain, my son and I went to a prayer service for them. Tears flowed as freely that night as the people pouring in to intercede. Hope and love seemed tangible and could be heard in every prayer. Humility wrapped our every plea and the fear of presumption kept our obvious desire for Alec to live in check. Though we boldly made our requests known, we knew the length of Alec’s days were safely sealed with his creator. It seemed unimaginable that anything but life was in the plan.

It always had been.

And it still is.

The shining light that beamed through Alec’s innocent eyes still beams. It is only dimmed briefly as the veil that stands between heaven and earth remains. The joy in his laughter is just as sweet. Only the distance leaves it momentarily unheard beyond memories.

Josh and Charity, we offer our hearts to weep with you, our shoulders to hold you, and our words to comfort you. I hope you never feel you walk this road alone for, so many have been touched by the depth of your faith in the midst of the furnace. Surely, you are being refined.

There is a hope, precious ones, that lies beyond our fears. A blessed hope for those robed in the righteousness of Christ that death cannot sting us. What we know as death, Alec now knows as life. A life you and I have yet to experience. Hold on to this hope, Alec’s hope, and never let go. If you don’t have it, look to Jesus. Look to him dear ones and be saved.

With my whole heart,


This precious family, their loved ones, and friends will be celebrating Alec's life tomorrow afternoon. Please, do not cease to make mention of them in your prayers.

A gofundme account has been set up and if you would like to contribute you may do so here.

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