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With a cheesy grin and a grateful heart, on my birthday, October 6, 2019, I signed my first traditional book contract.

(Who am I kidding? It's almost March and I'm still cheesing. Literally, right now. I cannot wipe this, I stand in utter amazement that God did this, type of smile off my face)!

As I signed, I couldn't help but remember what a godly lady named Carol told me once.

"You're going to write that book, Callie."

Several years ago, unannounced, I headed into the church I grew up in and slipped into an empty seat at the ladies Wednesday prayer group meeting. At that time, my heart and family were both recovering from a time of extended trauma and with all that was within me I longed for a sense of normal. The very same women who had watched me grow up and encouraged me along the way, sat in the circle waiting to pray for others as they had made a lifestyle of doing. I knew my family and I had been on that list more times that I could count since I was six years old and most likely far before that.

In the weeks that preceded my visit, I'd began taking a daunting step - writing my story. I told no one that I'd started writing; it was mine and God's little secret.

Or so I thought.

In typical fashion, I cried at the familiarity and love in the room. Their heartfelt prayers taught me more then any professor I'd ever had and as if lying beneath the sun's warmth, I soaked it all in. In spiritual growth, in maturity or in experience, I wasn't where they were but I longed to be and hoped, one day, if I kept praying as earnestly and selflessly as they were, I would be.

As the last amen was uttered I reached for my purse and turned to say so long to the lady next to me.

"You're going to write that book, Callie."

"Do what?"

You must have heard her wrong.

She repeated the exact same words and I sat there stunned. Had I somehow told her by accident that I'd began writing?

No. I knew I hadn't told anyone especially this woman I hadn't seen in years.

"Did I tell you that I've starting writing?"

"You didn't have to, honey. God did, and you're going to write it." she said.

There are moments in life that stop you dead in your tracks and this was one of them. I knew it was the confirmation I needed to keep writing. As I grew weary and thoughts of self-doubted rose, I heard her words as I wrote. As fear of failing knocked, again, I'd hear her words.

Each time I stare at this book cover, I think of these words. Words. Words spoken became words written which, in truth, originated in Ms. Carol's heart as words inspired.

Dear friend, words matter.

To you I must ask, what words has God put on your heart to share with someone? What words have been spoken to you that you need to be reminded of?

As I unveil my book cover, I am reminded of these women, especially Ms. Carol. You were right.

Dear God, how can this be? How can you use such broken and flawed vessels? I stand in absolute awe.

Front cover:

Back cover:

Full cover:

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1 Comment

Kass Fogle
Kass Fogle
Mar 01, 2020

Beautiful cover! I too had someone come to me out of the blue with a message. A complete stranger. In fact it’s happened four times in my life. It’s a humbling and awesome experience. Glad you wrote the book. I’ll be in line to buy a copy when it’s launched💜

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