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Tucked inside the corner of Honest Coffee Roasters at The Factory in Franklin, TN, I had no idea I was about to meet a soul sister as I anticipated Kate’s arrival. Soul sister is a term I don’t take lightly and use infrequently. It’s reserved for those rare women I meet and immediately feel I’ve known all of my life. Before the steam stopped rising from our cups that morning, I knew I’d met one.

Kate Battistelli, to be more exact, is who I had the pleasure of meeting last week and I’m honored to say she is cup number one in my quest for 100 cups of coffee.

I’d known just a few things about her when I’d called recently and invited her to meet with me. Earlier in the Fall, I’d been looking for podcasts I might be able to share my new book with and discovered Kate through her inspiring podcast, Mom to Mom. Speaking of moms, another thing I knew about her was that she was the beautiful mother to the well-known and incredibly gifted Christian musician, Francesca Battistelli. Noticing that we were only separated by 40 or so miles, following the prompting of the Holy Spirit, she graciously accepted my invitation.

We exchanged pleasantries but as I have a way of doing, skipped the small talk and went deep. I discovered so many beautiful aspects of her character, her life and most of all, her passion for our Beloved. Years ago, God whispered to Kate’s heart as she prepared material for an upcoming speech, that she held in her hands the chapters of a book. God’s heavenly dare scared her but became yet another catalyst to show her he had plans beyond her wildest imaginations. She obeyed and her first book, Growing Great Kids, was published in 2012. Again, she heard the whisper and her second book, The God Dare, made its way to publication in 2019. She graciously gifted me a copy before we parted that morning and I have hardly put it down since.

Kate is no stranger to God’s whispers and she knows full well how he often pulls us out of the familiar and out of the comfortable to go to the unknown. She and her husband were headlong into their careers on Broadway in New York when they met Christ. Tired of getting invited to church by a mutual friend and not wanting to be rude, they accepted an invitation that would change the trajectory of their lives forever. Together, they courageously laid down their highly successful careers and when Kate didn’t even know what The God Dare was, she took him at his word and said, “Yes, Lord. I’ll go.” Her recent book shares this story in-depth along with so many that will inspire you to also take God at his word and accept his epic dare.

"The impossible is God's comfort zone." Kate Battistelli, The God Dare

Also, no stranger to life’s hardship and disappointment, Kate’s heart spilled a peace and joy this world desperately needs. Her every word oozed authenticity and honestly, who has time for anything less?

Hasn’t this year exposed so much hurt and suffering? So much fear and pain? If you are a mother, no matter your age or stage, I encourage you to soak up the wisdom she and her two co-hosts have to share through their heartfelt podcast. Man or woman, the wisdom contained in her two books will leave you challenged to take the bungee sized leap headfirst into the calling God has for your life.

Kate, thank you for being so sensitive to God’s whisper. I rejoice with you in the way he has given you the dreams of your heart even when they didn’t come as you thought. Thank you for being willing to lay down your life, your hopes and your dreams and step into what is scary, though we both know in doing so, the blessings God pours out are far greater than what we ever give up. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of pulling back the curtain, and peeking into your beautiful heart. I ask God to continue whispering to your heart – in the night time, in the morning and at noonday. May he richly bless all you set your hands too and fulfill all of your purpose.

Until we meet again, Soul Sister.

Connect with Kate on her personal website and on social media. Links to her books are in the article.

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