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I write this entry not long after laying my precious grandmother to rest.

My heart is full of mixed emotions and I am unsure from moment to moment which one will surface. The steady flow of loved ones who poured in to see her over the last two days spoke volumes about her life. All who knew her loved her and every one of them knew how much she loved Jesus.

My grandmother left me an inheritance of greater value than that of the finest gold, the largest diamonds, or the most exquisite strand of pearls. She left an heirloom whose worth cannot be measured. Her legacy of faith in Jesus Christ is one that has no end. As she has passed it to me so I pass it to my children.

As parents it may take years to till the soil of our children's hearts before seeds can be planted. Once planted it may take a while to see a sprout. Like a farmer waits for his harvest so we must wait for ours. Work done in a heart is never done in vain, especially the hearts of our own children. Although I didn't let go of my rope when I should have, because so many including my grandmother, tilled and planted in my own heart when I did finally let go I knew where to look.

My grandmother's passing symbolizes a generation that will soon end. This generation is one whose class, integrity, loyalty, compassion and faith are invaluable and sadly, soon to be a thing of the past I fear. Unless of course we intervene.

Will we step up and lead future generations or leave it to society?

Do we spend time with our elders and glean from them all we can before it is too late or do we presume tomorrow will come and wait until them to ask them. We will lose so much when we lose this generation and when we do we will have a choice to make.

Scripture instructs us older women to admonish the young women. If you are reading this and you are a women that's you and that's me. There are always women around us that are younger and just like we need our mother's, grandmother's and aunt's guidance so they need ours.

God, please give us the grace, the strength and the courage to step up and guide those who are younger and lead them as we were led. Like my grandmother, may we likewise leave the greatest legacy of all.

From the heart, Callie

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