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Someone I know and love is hurting today. I am sure you can think of such a friend too. Hurting people are all around us aren't they?

She's a sweet sister in Christ. She's a mother of rough and tumble boys - just like mine! Her heart is the size of Texas. She gives until it hurts and never asks for anything in return. Many aspects of her well structured life are up in the air and now out of her control.

I sure can relate to a lack of control can't you?

I'm reminded of my tiny twins who weighed little more than a pineapple, lying side by side in their iscoletts. I think of the time after Isaiah's surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis when the surgeon left us with these words,

"Every hour Isaiah survives is a good hour."


A knot wells up in my heart when I think of such times. I often visit the hospital where Isaiah nearly lost his battle. The doors slide open and the smell that rushes through brings me back to those dark days.

Can you think of one?

By God's grace, it's not just the darkness I remember. I remember the light that flooded the scene even when I couldn't see it. When I couldn't feel it. I remind my friend today that she is not alone. I remind you today of the same.

Luke Smallbone of For King & Country wrote this song while enduring his own period of darkness. Enjoy this video and be reminded of how God carries our burdens!

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