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“Why are you untying my colt,” the village owner asked.

The two disciples replied as Jesus had commanded, “The Lord needs him.”

As if fully aware of either their colt’s significance or their Lord’s, they put up no argument and let them take him. He was no ordinary colt for never had any man sat upon him nor was just any man about to.

Who are these men and where are they taking me, the colt wondered as they led him further away from the security of his home, his owners and his friends. The thought of a journey did sound exciting but not like this.

Why did my master let them take me now? All my life I’ve been tied up. Waiting, longing to be noticed. Longing to be used. Always watching, watching every other colt in the village get to carry load after load on their backs. Not mine though, never was I chosen to carry anything or anyone.

“It’s not your time yet,” they’d always tell me.

It never would be and that’s why he let them take me. He knew what I’ve always known. I’m too different from everyone else. I’m too small. I’m not fast enough, not strong enough.

Lost in thought, he was startled by something he’d never felt. People surrounded him and suddenly something was being slung onto his back. It felt light at first and then without warning someone sat on him.

This can’t be happening. What’s going on?

I thought I was going to be left somewhere to die since I was of no use to anyone. I took a step and my knees nearly buckled under the weight. Then a hand, a strong but gentle hand rubbed my side and as if by magic my knees straightened.

Distant shouts filled the air as we kept moving. I could see something on the ground ahead of me. Yes, it’s leaves. Palm leaves and garments like I’ve seen my owners wear but why were they on the ground? I strained to hear as a multitude of people gathered.

They surrounded me on all sides, “Hosanna!”

“Hosanna in the highest,” they called out. I didn’t know what was going on or what that meant but I was exhilarated. There was a celebration happening and I was carrying someone on my back. It seemed too good to be true.

And then I heard another word. A word I knew. “King!” “Blessed is the King of Israel that comes in the name of the Lord."

Could it be true? Could I really be carrying a king?

Created for a Purpose

This courageous colt had a purpose. In fact, it had been foretold that this King, Jesus, would come, meek and sitting upon a colt. When Jesus ordered his two disciples to retrieve the animal, He knew exactly where to find him. At times, I am sure we all feel like him. Unusable. Not good enough. How much more important are we than animals? God used this colt to fulfill His purpose and rest assured that you have one too. And when you are ready, when that time comes whether in big ways or small, Jesus knows right where you are.

A Holy Week

As holy week begins may this story spur your thoughts about our King who triumphantly entered sitting on a colt. The same King who will soon return in the clouds and like they shouted for him over two thousand years ago, He will shout for us.

An Invitation

If you have stumbled upon this post and you do not know this King, truly know him intimately and personally, I invite you to meet him. Like he must have gently rubbed a scared and inexperienced colt then, he will do the same for you now.

This is the week of all weeks to investigate this King. Who was Jesus? Who is He? What did He come here for? Is He real? I am convinced that God is not put off by our questions. In fact, Jesus says in the book of Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.”

If you don’t know Him please won’t you at least look for Him? Ask the questions you’d like to ask. There are answers and you can find them. I’d love to introduce you to Him if you’ll let me. Feel free to use the contact form to reach out to me directly.

Hosanna (ὡσαννά-Greek): Save, we pray

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