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Greater than the tragedy of going through tragedy is to go through it and do nothing with it."

Callie Daruk, Author

Speaking Topics

Callie's Testimony

Callie professed Christianity for 32 years but was eventually exposed for the hypocrite she was as her son lay dying in a hospital bed. Despite the cliche, she had more on her than she could handle and life's rose colored glasses had shattered. Through great pain and adversity, God met her in the pit of despair.

A pharisee like me

Who were the Pharisees?


What did Jesus have to say about this group of people?


Are there modern day Pharisee's and if so, what do they look like?


Like Callie, could you be one and not even know it?

the heart of the matter

The Bible has a great deal to say about the heart. As the core of our being, it is essential to understand what God has to say about its condition.


This Bible study class goes deep into what the heart is and why examining its condition must be an essential part of the beleiver's life.

various topics

Do you have a specific topic you'd like to dive into at your ladies events, conferences, seminars or Bible study groups?

Callie enjoys teaching and speaking on topics such as:

Motherhood, Marriage,

How to Study the Bible, Writing