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Do you ever feel like time taunts you?

I've felt that way.

Time is a gift given and yet, sometimes, it feels like it's being snatched right out of my grasp. Where does it all go? Like a hamster on his wheel it keeps going and going, but where?

Did I use my time wisely today, I ask myself as I slip into bed at days end?

Did I redeem the time as scripture instructs?

Did I encourage or pray for someone else?

What about my ever increasing to-do list? Did I check anything off?

And most importantly, did I commune with Christ?

I started thinking about what time is and noticed a few things it's not.

Time is not:

1. Patient

It waits for no one. As many times as I'd like to push the pause button, time just doesn't have one. I ache to push it.

As a mom when:

  • My boys run to give me hugs and kisses, and say, "I love you Mom."

  • I buy them another pair of shoes two sizes bigger than the ones I bought six months

  • I look at pictures of when they were little.

2. Guaranteed

Tomorrow is never promised.

3. Negotiable

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